Early Morning

It has been a nice morning!   And it’s only 8am!!

It didn’t start great.  I woke up when my husband did; at 430am.  This is normal, but what wasn’t normal was I couldn’t get back to sleep.  :-/  I tossed and turned and thought.  I’m trying to figure out what the best approach will be to clean out and sell my childhood home.  It’s a LOT to think about.  However, I think I came up with a game plan.  After doing that, I felt much better.  

Still no sleep though.  😉

So, I got up, showered, cleaned the downstairs (since my babies are sleeping upstairs), and caught up on my reading for my Tuesday morning Bible study.  🙂



Man, oh man;  after doing my reading I felt WAAAAY better!  Something about the God thing in the morning that gets the day started right!

Now, if I could implement this waking early business into my daily routine I’d be golden!  I SO love my snuggles though! 

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Get up with God.  It starts the day off much better.  It’s a proven fact!***  😉


Day 17: Routine

Summer is here, and we have two small children.  We are, also, not average parents.  These days, most parents have their kids on crazy good schedules.  Daily routines are of major importance…in most house holds…  


In our house, we are good if we get up eat meals at correct times and get to bed at the appropriate time.  😉  We do too much running around to make a routine work EVERYDAY.  If it turns out to be a nice day and it’s C’s nap time, we go to the park anyway.  He can sleep in the stroller!  No biggie.  

I will admit that this makes doing OTHER things harder.  Such as writing.  I cannot get into a writing routine.  We are running here there and everywhere this summer.  I TRY to write first thing when I wake up, and at night when the boys are winding down.  

My GOALS are to write during school this fall.  We signed both boys up for school.  That means I’ll have FOUR HOURS ALONE!   That hasn’t happened in almost four years!  I, of course, have 24,324,423 things I want to do in that four hours.  I will have to prioritize.  😉

This is what I WANT my writing routine to be:  Writing, in the quiet, while the boys are at school.  The end.

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Have fun.  Make sure you make time for everything you enjoy.   Life is VERY short.  We don’t have a LOT of time so PACK IT IN!!!***

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