July 5th, 2013: Plan or Spontaneous

I make plenty of plans, but as I explained, here, they rarely work out. SO, spontaneous works WAAAAY better at our house!

Kids are asleep or playing nicely in the playroom??  Clean the house!!


Kids are awake and at home???  Play! Play! Play!  

Planning in the McCrazy house is close to impossible.  😉  (For now anyways…)

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Make the most of the time you have.  Roll with the crazy life throws at you!  😉 ***



Day 30: This Month’s Achievement

There have been many achievement’s this month.  

One is having completed this challenge.  I missed only two days.  I had hoped to make them up, but having been in the middle of no where, with VERY limited internet, I feel like I did the best I could!  😉  I have enjoyed it VERY much, and I would encourage others to try out July’s challenge!  It gives a more diverse topic selection, and it brings in loads of new views and followers.

Having to write about something new each day has forced me outside of my usual comfort zone, and it has prompted me investigate subjects that I was unsure of.  It has been a great learning experience that I am grateful for!

Outside of the world of writing, I must say today was a big achievement.  I am DEFINITELY one of those “I’ll write it here but am WAAAY too shy to say it out loud” people.  I have been struggling with this my whole life.  I have been working on getting past this for the past few years.  

In May, I was baptized, and my husband and I joined our church.  I was petrified standing in front of the church. 


Today, we had VBS (vacation Bible school) training.  I am in charge of elementary school games (which scares me all by itself).  I was supposed to do a game demonstration.  EEK!  

Well, I DID IT!!  I did not completely freak out or freeze.  It probably wasn’t my BEST performance, but the 20-30 people in there were, by far, my largest audience EVER.  And I got through it without turning bright red!!!!!  


YAY ME!!!  

THIS is a HUGE accomplishment for me!  I am, now, not terrified of VBS, anymore!!  

June has been a GREAT month.  I am looking forward to seeing what July will bring next!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: We must break out of our shells!  Once we are out, we must STAY OUT!!!  There’s a WHOLE world out there waiting for us!!***





I am pleased to announce I received my first award nomination today!  This is especially pleasing, since the person who nominated me is someone I JUST “met” a couple days ago!  THANK YOU Valerie, Atlanta Mom of Three!



The RULES for accepting the award:

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog(s).

Post the award image in your acceptance post.

List seven random facts about yourself.

Nominate others for the award and notify them on their blog.

So here it goes!

My 7 random facts:

  1. I like to read.
  2. Sometimes I think we should retire, here, at the beach; other times I want to live in the middle of no where…  Like, barely have power, middle of no where.
  3. I like to camp.
  4. I ALMOST joined the Navy the same time my husband did.  Now, I live vicariously through him.  😉
  6. I am a secretly self proclaimed baker, photographer, crochet-er, and writer.  😉
  7. My idea of a good time is crafting with the kids.  🙂  

And my nominees are:


Write So Fluid: Crazy awesome blog full of information for writers of all type’s and qualification’s.  

Beyond Blessed Blog: Definitely one of my favorites!  So nice, and inspirational.  Also, very simple and to the point.  Feeling a lot of love from this blog. 

Terribly Write:  This one is fun!  Ever read something and cringe at all the grammar issues??  At first, I was afraid she’d read my stuff!  lol  Check her out and you’ll understand.  😉   

The Laundry Room:  Family life at it’s best!  My first experience with a friend blogging…  Boy did I think SHE was cool!  😉

There are, of course, many other GREAT blogs on here!  Some I have given shout outs to before, so I won’t overdo it.  😉  They are all in my “Awesome Blogs” section.  Check them out!

Thank you and Congratulations to all the nominees!

Day 29: A Piece of My Writing

Trials and Perseverance: Giving God the Credit



I don’t remember at what exact point I asked, but the BIG question came out: Why did mom die and our aunt had not?

THIS is the statement that would set me up for the rest of my life:

*****My father said, “Your aunt still has a little baby that needs her.  You and your sister are big enough to go on without your mom.  Her (my mom) work on Earth is done, and now she will go to work for God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I remember thinking, “ok then”.

I had said, in the beginning, that I was made to go to church when no one else went, and that my Dad spoke about God, and His role in our lives, regularly.  Well, apparently some of it sank in.  God is everything, and we can do NOTHING without Him.  He makes the rules; not us.  It’s His plan; it’s not our plan.  These things were drilled into my head from as young as I can remember.  I’m not sure if I was told or if I concluded myself, but I also have always believed that it’s not my place to question God.  What would be the point?  God’s plan is not for us to know.  We must follow Him with blind faith.

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: I need to get back to work!!***


Whew!  That was scary!  :-/