McCrazy Dazy!!

Whew!  What a day!

This morning started out PERFECT with baby snuggling!  🙂  My Favorite!  

Then, we got up and got some breakfast.  I even managed to get some cleaning done!!  

And then…   I sat down to blog.  :-\

My darling boys needed to share Daddy’s water.  


When they were done they thought Mom should hold it.  


After their thirsts were quinched, they decided to get back to playing.  On the couch.  On either side of me…  Derek looses a toy while playing…  “MOM!  Can you please help me!!”

Sure bud!

I put the computer to the, side and I pick up my keyboard (you know, the plug in type…my husband had to buy last Christmas after I spilled coffee on the laptop keyboard) to move with me as I get up to look for the toy…

Does anyone remember what I DIDN’T move??!?  WATER!!  YES!  The whole cup of water splashes onto the NEW keyboard.  😉  That’s me!!!


At first it seemed fine… Prior to leaving for shopping I tried to check my “stuff”. The keyboard was no longer “fine”.


The funny thing about all of this is that the day seemed to be extremely exhausting, at the time. Now that I am sitting here typing this, the only crazyness I can think of is the water… Me and water. *Sign* again…

I got a new keyboard while I was out at the store, so all is well on the McCrazy blog…

Note to self: Water resistant keyboard may not be SO water resistant… :-/

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Water. (not +). Electronics. Learn from me!!!***


ON A BRIGHTER NOTE!! I got my camera back from Sony today!! WHoo HOO!!! I was SO excited!! SO… Here’s a couple new pictures!

DSC06455 (2)

DSC06458 (2)

DSC06459 (2)



DSC06468 (2)

DSC06471 (2)

DSC06472 (2)

AND, I started a new crochet blanket for my boys! A spider web! The big one is SO excited!!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Roll around in the happy; kick the crappy!***

Flower Craft on the Fly!!

The boys have friends over, so while they were playing in the sun I decided to prune my roses.  After cutting off a few DOZEN, I decided I just could not imagine throwing away ALL the flowers I had cut off…  Sure, they were dying, but they were still pretty!!

Here’s what I decided to do; step by step.  Whether they will stay pretty, or stay on the board I have NO idea…YET!  🙂  I will update later.  🙂

ImageWhite Board.

ImageFlowers and glue.

ImageFlowers finished.

ImagePretty jar of MORE flowers.

ImagePretty Jar of flowers ON flower board…

That’s it. That’s all.

Look! Even this can be a lesson!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Waste not, want not. 🙂  We shouldn’t be sitting around when we could be doing something fun and enjoyable!!!  And WHY throw away such beautiful creations when they can be enjoyed further!!!***