Too Much Time to Think

Tonight, I managed to get the boys in bed by 7:30 pm.  I was in bed by 8 pm.  It is now 10 pm, and I am wide awake.  This is still a VERY early night for me, lately.

All of this war talk is taxing!  I honestly feel bad for people in Washington.  I am not sure I have ever felt that way before, but if I think this much about it from the comfort of my home, I cannot imagine what it’s like to have to MAKE the decisions.

Do I know what would be best??  Absolutely not.  

Here’s what I DO know:

  • When we were in Desert Storm, I was very young.  I remember seeing the bombs exploding on TV and I remember asking my Dad why we were over THERE.  He said simply, as he so often did, we go there so they don’t come here.
  • If we strike, I am terribly worried that we will, in fact, be struck back.  Somewhere, in some way.  Yes, that includes the worry for our allies.  
  • Evil cannot be let to run rampant.  There must be some sort accountability; no matter who it is.

This is the point that I send it back up to God.  I believe in my heart God will guide the decisions, if He is allowed to do so.  I pray that He is with Washington during this time.  Helping ask the right questions, and supplying the right answers.  

As much as I fear war, I fear 9/11, more.



Do we want this again??  I hear the argument that it’s not our fight.  There’s not threat to us.  Should we wait until it happens again;  until it comes HERE?

This photo shows the strength of this GREAT nation, but I have no desire for the chance of a re-do…

***McCrazy Daily Lesson:  Tonight as we go to sleep, we pray for the safety of our country.  We pray for the safety of our ships and sailors.  We pray for help in the decision making process.  We pray for peace for all the loved ones involved.  Amen.***

Holiday Catch Up

I know, I know…

I’m falling behind again…  I have a GREAT excuse, though!  Here in the good ol’ USofA, we are celebrating America the Beautiful today!!  



The 4th of July is a day for remembrance and for reflection, and to be thankful to all of those who came before us.  Remembrance of what they did.  Reflection of what their actions have meant, and thankfulness that they had the courage to do them.  Without all their brave actions, we would not be the country we are today.




We celebrate with friends and family.


We are able to do these things, because of the great people that came before us.  Our freedom has never been and will never be free.  We were reminded of that earlier this year, when a great friend was killed fighting for our freedoms.  May his soul rest in peace, and his kindness and love for our country forever be a great example to everyone who knew him. (CTTC  Christian Pike)  

So, this is why I am behind.  😉  I’ve been picnic preparing and eating!!! WE must celebrate!!



(Mmmmm…Thank you Ieva!)


On with my catching up!  😉  I’ll try to keep it short and sweet!

Day 3: Aspirations

My new life long goal is to be a better person.  Always working to better myself in the eyes of the Lord.  I was put on the right path as a child, then I grew a bit and thought I knew it all.  Now, I am on the right path, again.  😉  I wish to stay on it, and move forward DAILY!  My aspirations in the world of writing is to write my book(s)!!!  😉  Of course!

Day 4: Favorite Film Character

For the sake of saving time, space, and your eyes, I will refer you back to last month’s Favorite Fictional Character.  Yoda is still supreme ruler!  😉

See, that was PAINLESS!!

***McCrazy Daily Lesson: Take nothing for granted.  Learn from everything.  Try and use lessons learned for the future, so mistakes are not repeated.***

James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.